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Section and field names are limited to 64 characters in length. They must be in ASCII and only contain alphanumeric characters and underscores. Section and field names are case-insensitive, and must not be duplicated (unless specified in the same comment block).

The first section in an HTML comment block is the one used. Any remaining will be ignored. For example, in the comment block

$\langle$!- @@.section(mysection)@@ @@.section(mysection2)@@ -$\rangle$

``mysection2'' will be ignored.

The parser tries to be forgiving and flexible. Typically, white-space is not a problem. For example, the comment block

$\langle$!- start of section @@ . section ( mysection ) @@ -$\rangle$
would not produce any problems.

An important remark is to keep in mind that SOW does not format any information.

Mark J. Olesen 2005-01-12